Starless Night

Gehrak's Journal


We saved Lori Kud from a flock of evil birds. We scared them away but another in the party said that they may fly in larger groups. We’ll need to be on the look out. Lori should be fine, especially after a bit of divine intervention from Torag as directed by me.

Today Haeri found a trap that was bing made by filthy goblins. We attacked them as we should, dismantling their poorly conceived and implemented trap. I’m not sure what’s worse leaving their waren alone due to needing to move on, or their horrible planing and the fact that they’re goblins. The leader had the magic of an evil god protecting it no doubt. Lucien struck it quite hard with his mace and the creature didn’t even bleed. I’ve made a note of it with the cartographer and made a note in this journal to come back to, resolve this issue.


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