Starless Night

It's a long, hard road out of hell.

Day 19

Nothing interesting today, I had to use my magic to keep myself dry all day. Who cares?

Day 20

Today we found some tracks. One was of a giant and the other was of some sort of dinosaur. When we came back to the camp the others were told about our general situation and there was a mild panic. Largo, trying to calm everyone down almost starts a fight. I had to talk to him about it and help calm everyone down. Order must be maintained. Right now is not the time nor place to cause a panic.

Day 21

We got to the bridge and found the guardian. It was a porcupine that size of a horse. It was less of a guardian of the bridge and more a guardian of her young. Oh well, we took the pups and we shall try and raise them. We should be able to train them as guard animals. Amehd has been tasked with this endeavor. As we try and get to sleep we hear the sounds of giant creatures. They were fleas that had attacked our horses, one of them is killed while the one we were fighting flees.

Day 22

To the south we saw a Were-Mosquito grab and carry off a bighorn sheep to the south. I feel that we will have quite a ride ahead of us.


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