Starless Night

This is the first day of my last days.

Things happen

It is our 16th day since we have left The Nightlands for The Twilight Expanses. The trip this far is mostly uneventful. The only people worthy of conversation thus far seem to be Jack, or Ol’ Jack as people call him, Milly, Nadia and my brother. While we were out trying to find food we stumbled upon a few Compsognathus, they were a bit larger than James, that had either stumbled upon a feast for themselves or they were much more formidable than they showed us. In the skirmish that ensued they did not even scratch a single member of our hunting party. Due to that and from the remarks from Gehrak leads me to believe that it was something much larger, perhaps the Cloud Ray that we had seen earlier in the day. I hope not, for it would mean we are getting too close to it for my liking. We ate like kings.

Day 17

Today, Lori was surrounded by Blood Hawks. We managed to save her but in the process Haeri started to yell. I wanted to cast Color Spray on him so that he would quite down, we know too little about the surroundings to act like fools. To try and make up for our ignorance I asked Ol’ Jack about what beasts may dwell around here. He proved to have a wealth of knowledge and I feel that he may be our greatest asset, one that should not be thrown away so easily.

Day 18

Haeri went out scouting today, he found some goblins trying to catch food in the stupidest way possible. A box held open by a stick. I almost feel pity for these pathetic creatures. As the fight started to heat up the Cleric wanted us to capture them so as to interrogate them. What for? These creatures did us no harm, I can see killing them preemptively so as to protect the wagon. Or we could have just made a wide berth around the trap so as to not fall victim to it. I saw no reason to try and find their home, yesterday Haeri had his wife taken and he freaked out. Does no one see a parallel to how we are trying to treat these beings? Due to the injustice going on I refused to assist them further, thus I headed back to the caravan. We went scouting once again to try and locate the camp site that Ol’ Jack had in mind. While out scouting, we ran into an Elven looking person, he called himself Knight of Life Emergent. I do not trust him though any information about the area is something more valuable than my own feelings. He gave us some information about the road ahead, a giant to the sound, some boggards and something he called the “Charau-Ka”, whatever that is. He also mentioned a guardian on the bridge ahead but none asked him to elaborate. Perhaps I should work a bit me on my people skills. I make myself laugh. What information I truly need I can get out of a book or from Jack. Speaking of Jack, he told me of a village that we are heading to and told me a little of how it is ran.


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