Starless Night

A few weeks of distractions kept me from writing

Distractions have been plenty these last few weeks, Envoys from the kingdoms nearby have been to visit. The Fey, The Gripplis, The Serpenfolk, as well as the Undine. It was decided that Breygon would be the leader of Angel Wharf. We agreed unanimously to the Gripplis, the Undine, and the Fey. However, upon agreeing to the Serpenfolk, Gehrak abandoned us claiming he wanted no part in a kingdom that would accept the serpenfolk, and their evil ways. We can only assume he left for the dwarven ruins to the north.

Shortly after a Exalted seemingly lacking intelligence it seems joined us with fellow friends of his he helped escape his former master’s grounds, with people he liked. He came with us to the lighthouse. Upon visiting which we found ghouls, seemingly former hunters, trapped there by goblins. The team dispatched them easily, while I got distracted by locked doors, and traps. What can I say, I’m easily distracted. I did get a chance to hit Chakka upside the head, the bastard set off a trap that fired a javelin into me. We found some useful gear, took back to town.

Trig came for a visit. perfect timing too, we just got the forge back up an running. She made me a new chain shirt. It is magical, I feel more safe in it. Some time later a new group came to town, an Elf not secluded like Gilornor, by the name of Tatheria. She’s a hunter, her companion is a young Allosaurus.

She joined us on our next adventure, during which we were approached by goblins, they ran off, only to attack that night. Luckily I had set up an alarm trap as we slept. As we continue to explore we came across a pit that held magical items in it, it almost killed me as I volunteered to jump in for the magic items at the bottom.

Some time later on the same expedition, we came across the fire swamp as some call it, no doubt it’s caused by the peat decaying, and when the chlorine comes to the air it explodes. When it came to leaving I wanted to split with Haeri, but in the end due to insistence we stayed with the others… After fighting an Oni, it was determined we were wrong, and Haeri’s route would have been the way home.

We returned to Angel Wharf with a visitor by the name of Dozz. He had with him many things, a Cloak of Resistance for example. Which I happily now don. A few scrolls and a wand of Cure Light wounds with 15 charges left. After all is said and done we split the gold down to 174 pieces a person.


sintaqx soldarklord

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