Starless Night

The Oni Went Down to Angelwharf.

Largo's Entry

In our means of exploring the surrounding areas, we rendezvous with a newcomer along with her companion. Tatheria’s her name, so far the strangest thing about her was that she’s by herself. Even with their disappearance, elves don’t normally be by their lonesome. Either or, her presence was most welcoming in this hostile existence. Not to mention she reminded me a bit of Motley before her ears were cropped. Regardless, she said she knew a faster means of returning back to Angelwharf, albeit Haeri insistings on a different route home. The party was split on who to follow and myself not taking sides left it to chance and flipped a coin. The results landed towards her favor and everyone decided to take her lead.

At first, deciding to have her on point may have started second guessings on my part. The popping we heard from the steps we took in the marshes ignited and nearly scorched a good portion of the party. It was just the swamp and our complacency that ailed us during that portion, so I won’t hold it against her. But in the midst of smoke and ash was a silhouette of a humanoid lurking about. I thought I was going mad, but Chakka and Haeri started to attack the particular pocket immediately so I wasn’t the only one who saw it.

A few successful hits revealed what looked fiendish, I’m still unsure what I saw but Stehlen made mention to what it is labeled among us mortals, Oni. Everyone was ill at ease, the bulging eyes and angular teeth truly made it unwise to strike at it. But without a doubt we had to defend ourselves from this monstrosity. Chakka’s goes in his usual purging rambles and immediately charges, but the blaggard levitated out of harm’s way without means of wings. Tatheria, Haeri, and Lucien began their volleys while Stelhen with his wizardry summons his elemental to square off the mock devil in the sky. Myself, trying not be useless again threw tridents and missing horribly altogether.

Now I am getting annoyed at this point, with my last resort I threw my fishing net in hopes of bringing him down to ground. I was successful, but even with my rage he was still putting up resistance with only one arm. Upon closer look at his dried-blood skin, he was definitely shrugging off the damage dealt before. His cuts and piercings slowly weaving back into place, looking all the same with that stone face grin of his that seems to be stuck on eating shit forever more. The Oni drops his club and used his free hand to claw out of my net. Once he got out he immediately turns tail, taking a good hit from the summoned figure that belonged to Stelhen and also a perfect shot right to his arse from one of the archers. A bittersweet victory, we didn’t kill the demon but he left his greatclub during his haste.

We made it back to town with enough time to meet up with the merchants. As much I would like to haggle, I decided to head back home for time with my “family”. Still feels unfamiliar just saying the word, even with the years I’ve spent with these three. Hodgewick crafted me another figurine that resembled one of the reptiles native to the swamps, his attention to detail is without a doubt flawless. Motley’s surprisingly tried to make supper. Her attempt was noble but the execution was questioning. The dish looked like it was still alive, but to see her try a skill that wasn’t fighting was actually kind of… adorable. Fletcher was out playing which is something completely alien for me to hear. From what Hodgewick was relaying, the new wagon that Maggot brought with him also has a kid somewhere around his age. Again, he went vague about it and starts rambling off topic about another discussion on magic truffles and giant wild boars.

Either or, I wonder whether or not this acquaintance of Fletcher can help him come out of his shell. But worry a bit towards her reaction should she find out about his Kitsune heritage.


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