Gehrak Thunderhammer

A weathered dwarf, he wears a smithing apron that is well worn


Smuggled out of the mountain homes to a village in the north, in the cold. Being used to the roughness of the underground the cold doesn’t bother him much. He knows that, being one of the last dwarves alive, he has to restart the dwarven race.

Smithing has been and always will be a way of life for Gehrak. He’ll never feel at home, but as long as there is a glow to the coals, and a bar of metal to forge and work, he’ll make that home.

Torag gives him holy powers, and he uses them to protect the innocent, and literally forge a new world.


Gehrak was but a boy when the preparations for the impending invasion started. He was chosen by Torag to man to forge and create the armaments to fight the evil. He took this to heart and worked as long as he could. The venerable elders say a spark of excellence in Gehrak, and for his good, and the good of the dwarven race, they had him drugged and smuggled out to the north.

There Gehrak continued to recite the stories of his peoples, but the ability to work stone was hindered. No iron was to be found so he continued to do his best to keep his skills up, but never really got better.

With the rumors of a twilight land where crops could potentially grow, he new that he must go and help a new city grow and prosper.

Gehrak Thunderhammer

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