A rather nimble man Lucien is rather selective and debatable, however sometimes just does something for no reason.


A former slave, Lucien and Brandy served the same dark lord together, the two would often sneak out of their rooms at night to talk and spend time together. At 14 the two began to fall for one another, and would talk of escaping the dark realm to the rumored twilight area they heard about by over listening to visitors of the lord.

One fateful day a visitor going by the name of Breygon stopped by the lord’s manor. He noticed Brandy and Lucien listening and would that night see them sneaking out to talk. Breygon would approach them about setting them free, and escaping the dark realm. Naturally the two would agree. For years Breygon would teach them tricks of his trade, his trade of sneaking, and deceiving everyone of power, he met.

Some time later the three would stumble upon a campsite of a seemingly feral elf, who had fallen back into this realm. That was until the elf spoke to them. He told them of the goddess he served, and who desired to serve once more, and her guidance he received. Guidance to find two young lovers, and a teacher, they will lead him to the realm of twilight, where he can once again connect with her.


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