Starless Night

A Glass House for the Drow Family.

Motley's Entry

Day (?):
I’m still not comfortable writing on paper. Holding the quill isn’t the same as to holding a sword, but I see everyone else scribbling in their books and it does look like fun, what with writing down what you see. Maybe I can try it out and see how it works. But what to write? Swimming with Big Mouth? Prying lampreys off the kids? I dunno, really? The only advice I got was from Hodgewick and from what he said: “Go mad!”. I’m still not sure what that means but I’ll try to follow the best I can. But comes worse with the block later on I might sneak a peek towards Largo’s book and see how he does it.

I lost count the days since the others group voyage out towards the sea. I’m sure they’re fine they’ve been through some harsher scraps before. I’m still holding hope but Fletcher’s been somewhat worried. I tell him not to worry so much and do the best I can to calm him down by massaging his tail when it starts splitting again. Hodgewick cooked dinner later on: Crocodile eggs benedict, I haven’t asked where he got them or how he is still alive. The gnome still surprises me even to this day.

The Day After:
There’s a glass lady wanting to start making glass for the city. Runa’s her name. Very fiery and full of something. She requires a mansion first to house both herself and her goods. She then mentions the need for apprentices, but her contract seems rather strict what with keeping secret of some high-quality glass recipe. It looks like a good apprenticeship for Fletcher but the contract reads a bit hairy. Probably going to wait for Largo to come back and talk about it later.

The Day After Tomorrow:
Angelwharf got word from a Drow house wishing to negotiate a trade. Knowing my time in captivity can say that Drow are incredibly durable. And a group of them asking for our ears is unusual but we’re obliging along with a small squad of militia to provide strength in numbers. But as we’re about to head out- Big Mouth emerges from the murky water and nudges his head against me. Looking back at it now the city has gotten too big for him to protect but I still welcomed his company even if the others are still not used to his presence.

We get there and their location was pretty to look at. It was very dark but the lights they had pulled the scene really well. Lots of pillows, too. Too many I would say but a sort of living that I would like to get used to if the chance. The Drow were incredibly polite, their meat not being fish is complete bliss and the dance, beautiful but showed us a brief history of their past displaying both somber but proud.

But the light talk ended quickly when the house matron mentioned slavery. Believing that our citizens are still slaves rather than free folk made my blood boil. To think that we were coaxed to camraderie just to be stabbed in the gut and forced to go against what we stand for? I think of those families back home wanting to start a new life. A life with no masters and no fear and these darklings want to take it away!? The biggest kick in the balls was their remark afterwards about ransacking our citizens should we deny their request.

I’m glad the others were there to negotiate. Haeri with his silver tongue gave us more time to keep our people safe from slavery. Grimm gave his thoughts on indentured servitude as a sentence for our felons back home. It may not be enough and as much as I hate to say it but to protect Angelwharf from these invaders we’re going to need to teach everyone to fight. I’m unsure if anyone else thought the same but I do know this how I’m feeling right now.


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