Starless Night

A journey to the North


As the group settled on things going on in town we decided it was high time to head north, and deal with the growing threat of the undead dwarves of Orcus. Our first step? To meet with the Stryx.

It took some time but we did make it to their village. We met one named Kluh outside of it, who welcomed us. She warned me though that many Stryx would not trust me. Apparently, humans of my ethnicity once committed genocide on them. However, I think she has came to trust me.

To get aid for dealing with the dwarves, we promised to clean out a camp of Charua-ka. We of course had little problem doing this, other then a giant wall. Luckily before we left town Largo and I had the same idea, grappling hooks.

To get them up there quietly Kluh flew up and put them into place before flying the long way round to the other fort. From there Largo and Piper using potions of invisibility would sneak up to those on the walls and try to down them. As soon as the battle started I decided to drop down on the tents below, and attack from inside, as my bow didn’t seem to shoot straight. It was a long battle, with one of them getting away, but we took them out. We even destroyed the evil shrine at the center. We had the aid of the Stryx.

Before we set out for the fort we sold some goods, and got upgrades. I ditched the short-bow, in favor of a magic crossbow. While yes I now have to reload I feel I can get more done. Besides that I have upgraded my short-sword to do fire damage. I’m quite confident in it’s abilities now. As a back up I also bought a new, and fully charged, wand of cure light wounds, just to be safe.

On our way to the site to meet the Stryx army we ran into a complication. As we were setting up camp we were attacked. Luckily for us Largo, and I heard them coming. It was a long battle, I nearly falling, but we succeeded. It seemed however that Haeri was cursed. Sure enough in the morning we could not wake him. We had to return to the village. We figured while there we would sell more, and see what we could get. After borrowing 200 gold from Haeri, we were both successful in upgrading our armor to be resilient towards negative energy, we can see it being useful in the coming war.


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