Starless Night

A New Journey

Introduction of Imsh

It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long since I left the dark realm. Though it took months of traveling to reach the realm of light, and another month to reach the town I’ve heard of. Angelwharf it is called. I learned after my arrival with my trusty mare, that this is the second life of Angelwharf, apparently boggards raided the village long before I showed up. It’s governed by a council, the heroes of the town, and founders of this new kingdom. Lucien, Haeri, Stehlen, Chakka, Largo, they were the original five I guess, not including the one who left, the dwarven clan known as Thunderhammer. Over time others joined them, I’ve heard of the Exalted named Maggot, an Elf named Tatheria who was companions with a dinosaur, there is even a goblin pyromancer named Grimm among the group. The latest they found on their travels a dwarf named Piper.

When I arrived in town the group was off exploring to the south, I settled in, but felt the need to do more. When rumors began spreading of undead to the north, I signed up, my greataxe at my side.

My greataxe, a good companion, if you can call it that. Has slain many a foe, along my travels. I remember when I first wielded her. A innate connection between me and this weapon of choice. I remember earning her enhancements from my master, both before and after my freedom. After a while I did seek out more adventures, but my time as a gladiator would not be forgotten. I was a master with this greataxe all through my trials… and I overcame them with no problem. The Champion of the arena I was, that titled earned me my freedom, and my pay since I began to work for my once former master.

I saved up and bought the mare Hellfire from him, she was a fine horse, and a gifted one at that. Granted no beast master could tame her, but she had no problems when I was the one doing the training. He gladly sold her to me when he saw that connection himself. With her and my greataxe at my side, I see few problems ahead for me. But time will tell.

As I stated I signed up to go to the north and investigate the dwarven undead rumors. With me was Piper, the dwarf magus. Lori, a halfling cleric, and Motley an Elven ranger. I did leave Hellfire back in town of course, the others don’t have horses of their own, and a pack mule would be demeaning to her abilities.

We can at least confirm the rumors are true. No doubt from the dwarven ruins, a spell awakens these ancient dead, and the breaking of that spell is our objective.


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