Starless Night

A Week and a Battle


A week of down time and I found myself working on helping my ability to withstand a beating. We heard rumors though, attacks on caravans, and kidnappings. Knowing what I know about the goblin band nearby, we chose not to go after the camp. But to focus on the lake. The boggards and skum need to be taken out first.

On our way there, about were the caravan attacks have been happening, we found an alchemist traveling to town, being attacked, by goblins. Seems this is they place. They put it up a tough fight on their worgs, but he took most of them down. Only the witch got away. The same witch that attacked us near the fire swamp. They must belong to the band down south, either that or are outcasts out seeking revenge.

The alchemist was a kind man, gave us many potions, and we sent with him a letter that our alchemist set is to be given to him as well. For now we continue on to the lake.


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