Starless Night

In and out of the Cave, and return to exploring

Lucien's Entry.

After clearing the former shrine we found ourselves empowered by Iomedae. At least based on the symbols on the armor we found, we believe it to have once been her temple, and her last hope for her power’s resting place, the glow faded afterwords. We kept our promise and split the loot, made sure to give extra to the giant or troll Katah’la(Who developed hard feelings for Grimm).

After feeling powerful we returned to exploring to the south. We actually stumbled upon a giant’s hut guarded by some wet brambles and terror birds… the brambles weren’t much problem cut right through them… the birds… not much of a problem either, some arrows through the brambles and we took them down.

We went into the hut and there was a young dwarf shackled up inside… she didn’t look too well. I want to work on the manacles only to find they were bolted shut, not locked… not much I could do. Offered to use her war-hammer on them links… but she wanted to be a coward and said no. In turn we just went into her pack and pulling out her blacksmith tools broke the links that way. Turns out she’s a Magus, and a smith.

We returned to town dealing with Trig, and getting ready for the monthly council meeting. As such we found Lori, Haeri’s wife, and Motley, one of the Neothelid experiments that came with Largo, prepping to go out to the north. With them was newcomer Unglar, a beastly looking half-orc wielding a greataxe. With the meeting of the council they left for the north, towards those dwarven ruins Gehrak left us for.


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