Starless Night

Speak Friendship and Enter.

Largo's Entry

I’ll be the first to admit that I never really given much of a second thought about our world. I guess I’ve always been cynical in a sense of trying my damnedest to survive the day. Especially so back during my time as a slave, fighting for my survival and ensuring that my family be able to sleep with food in their bellies. But with this trip to this island has made me think how the days were before our Moon collapsed. To wonder that while many were oblivious to the impeding doom, others were doing the best they can to stop or delay the inevitable. And our current place right now is where that sort of ponder is permissible to say the least.

This library we’ve located is an absolute marvel. Amazingly so is that it still stands even when everything else fell into decay and ruin. Our attempts to saunter in were rocky from its ageless defense system. But upon reading its warm welcome a third time we were able to walk in armless and unscathed. Upon walking throughout its corridors come to show that its maintenance have been tirelessly performed by golems. The echoes of their footsteps varied from the distance and size, magnifying the crisp clean architecture the Elves were known for. We continued towards the middle of the structure and that is where Dub first discovers the tree.

The Silver Tree within this lone island is especially peculiar for that matter. We’re still unsure about it is origin, but the bright side is that it deemed us friendly for now. And has provided us more leeway should we return its librarian back to his/her home. We receive the mental picture of the Bookeeper’s location, unfortunate though is that is all we got. The Tree despite its power is unable to pinpoint the exact coordinates nor provide landmarks to any specified area. Within our maps, the closest location of him may be the islands north to us. And between either the Island of Dead Men or the nesting area of the rumored brass dragon, Kelirth. The Dragon’s lair seemed a safer alternate.


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