Starless Night

Swimming in Blood, Bathing in Light.

Largo's Entry

I will admit that I let my guard down during the final skirmish in the lake. It was just right after I swung at one of the boggards is when I head a voice faintly in my head. It didn’t sound either provoking nor threatening. Instead, the whisper was asking me to leave with a sort of sincerity behind its tone. Would be rude to disobey so I followed suit of its advice and abandon the fight altogether, much to the chagrin of everybody.

Honestly, I didn’t even notice the sounds of protest the group was jeering towards me. It was until I reached the exit when the whisper was gone from my head and realization hits. Fuck me, I was tagged with a suggestion spell! Immediately, I turned back swam as fast as I could. I followed both the trail of dead Skum and the smell of their blood staining the water. But by the time I reached my colleagues the fight was finished with them still standing. Albeit a bit peeved at my display of turning tail, but were understandable about the situation.

We took advantage of this peace and scoured the area. Only thing of notice was the brain-dead Aboleth stuck in between the rocks. I was in shock, to see this bastards again was still too soon. Despite it being a vegetable I still feel a sense of dread just being near these creatures for my time as their slave still haunts me. Day after day being forced to hand mince the corpses of my people into chum, and for what? As a fucking snack for these behemoths. Fives years worth of blood stained my hands, but either out of a Godsend or bad luck, my captors then shoved me into the sickening grasp of the Neothelids and their weird science.

I shake my thoughts from the past as we put the Aboleth out of its misery. After the mercy kill, Haeri of all people located the largest horde of copper coins as of yet. We then split the money and gave a fair portion to the Sea Troll and bid her farewell. Along the with the investigation, we located a crown and a journal detailing a possible invasion of the Twilight Expanse involving the slime and some ancient magic. With the Skum dead, we wouldn’t have to worry about that anytime soon. But just to be sure, we explore more of the caves to locate and destroy the cause.

Upon discussion about the consumption of Aboleths and its possible aftereffects. We finally found the source of the glow that was illuminating the lake. A portal made by the slime from our now deceased fish overlord. Grimm was hesitant in sampling the secretion. Myself was still curious in eating aboleths, I tasted only a drop of it. Salty at first but I felt a burning in my stomach that felt worst with each passing second. I immediately clutched my stomach and bobbed about in the water while everyone else begin to wail on the gelatinous construction.

Out of everyone that were prodding the giant portal to the unknown. Chakka seems to be the only one that was making some process. Most likely due his falchion gaining power from being dowsed in Aboleth blood. Upon his strikes, the dome exploded and the only thing I remember after that was a blinding light, followed by a bang, and then it was all gone within seconds.


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