Starless Night

The road to the lake

And then some

Again the distractions have been getting to me, maybe it’s my roguish nature showing. Now where have we been?
Some time down the road, we ran into lizard-folk, attacking a goblin and orc. Grimm and Calistria are their names. A mage of some sort, and his ally. They joined us on the road. I’m rather glad they did. we arrived at the lake and they had guards at the entrance to their cave system. We took them out with little problem. However in waiting for interrogation purposes they fortified went from 3 strong to 6 strong. We still prevailed, meaning we took 8 out before evening entering the water. Yes 1 returned to the water. We’re entering the cave now. My journal will stay ashore and I will update it when we leave.


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