Starless Night

Unplanned Parenthood and Fresh Loot.

Largo's Entry

These past days of fishing have definitely been a good change of pace. Days like these have certainly put my mind at ease and make me think about the chain of events that lead to Angelwharf- The enslavement, the escape, being on the lam, and meeting Old Jack about the Twilight Expanse. Certainly a chaotic chain, but the method behind the madness has lead to a certain kind of freedom.

Of course, this new life does have a few kinks. The need for more bodies aside resources are another criteria for stability. So while Stelhen stay put in the village; Gehrak, Lucien, Haeri, and Chakka gave word that they were fixing to explore. With that notion, I decided to take a break from fishing and provide both assistance and muscle.

The trek leads us to what looked like a lynching. Three bodies hang for what seemed like centuries. Haeri and Lucien takes point to investigate, turns out the skeletons have some good loot on their bones. Problem was the branches these sods were hanging from. Monkey trees as Haeri calls them, the sap reacted incredibly to both leather and skin, the smell was similar to a fresh kill and immediately we were attack by… Something.

The creature in question resembled an octopus with a frog’s head filled with razors for teeth. But on top of its dome was bubbling with children and pustules that looked horribly revolting. Haeri fires an arrow without hesitation and frog thing retaliated by throwing one of its children at him. The tadpole begins to burrow in his skin immediately we were hit with another wave of odor worse than the monkey sap. It was horrid, I spewed my guts out. I don’t know how we fought through the smell but we took it down despite the vomit on our persons. Best part is that we managed to save a pustule sample, dunno why we did. But I believe Stelhen would find use of it.

So rather than be concerned about Haeri’s unexpected surrogacy. We decided to continue towards the coastline. It was lowtide by the time we reached our destination which gave us time to explore a cave before the ocean came back to submerge. There were lights and ladders, surprisingly. But then the hosts showed up and gave us the jump. Of all creatures it had to be fucking Skum. The party put up a good fight, but the Skum as cowardly as they are, started to retreat.

We were able to kill two of three. The other fled through the chum water. The second look through of this place is that this cavern is used to hold slaves before taking the poor sods to Gods know where. This place needs to be destroyed, but admittedly there are materials that deemed for everyone and Angelwharf as well. Chakka now sports a Falchion and Haeri showed me a symbol of Erastil which was a fantastic spoil. Though Gehrak was crestfallen about the breastplate, we eased his depression with another piece of armor we found earlier during the ride to the settlement.


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