A Brief History

No one now remembers what the world was called before the great destruction, and now few bother to think about life on such a large scale. What is known is that one day, without warning, every major city was attacked at the same time by hordes of demons. The initial wave was devastating to civilization, and untold numbers of people were slaughtered or taken by the demons. The survivors rallied together as best they could, joined by a celestial alliance. War began between the vast hordes of demons and their daemon mercenaries, and the survivors and their celestial allies. The shape of the world was forever changed by the epic powers unleashed during the conflict. Seas were created or destroyed, mountains were shattered, and deserts were born. The fighting went from months to years, no end in sight.

Without the element of surprise, however, the demons were not able to inflict the casualties they had during the initial attack. Mortals and celestials breathed a sigh of relief as they slowly pushed the demons back, reclaiming occupied territory. Their relief did not last—as a huge, coordinated attack was launched against the demons, another faction joined the war. The identity of this new faction was unknown, but mortal and celestial intelligence were able to discover that at least some of the darkland races took part. The armies of the mortals and the celestials were finally crushed, and with them hope as the survivors watched the moon shatter before them. The sun failed to rise, the sky permanently darkened and empty of all but the blood red fragments of the moon.

Many years later, it is rare to find a human or celestial who is not enslaved. Your family and friends are weary, despair leaching them of the ability to do anything but struggle to survive. A small sliver of hope appears as rumors start to pass through the enslaved population and the few free people about a place called the Twilight Expanse, where it is said that the sun can still be seen. Peoples able to escape migrate in a steady stream toward where it is said to exist.

You have joined a makeshift caravan of escaped slaves and a few free people traveling toward the Twilight Expanse. You and your fellow travellers, raised on secret stories of the word before, hope to be able to rebuild something and struggle not to think of what will happen if your hope is once again destroyed.

A Brief History

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