Taciturn and intense fit Aba perfectly. He defers quickly to those who have chosen to fill a leadership role and respects them as long as they are willing to listen to his suggestions. Honor and respect are extremely important to him and are qualities he both expects and demands. In an emergency situation, especially when the leaders appear to be wavering, he is quick to fill the void, calling out commands and expecting them to be obeyed. He knows his job and he knows that he is good at his job. Being responsible for the caravan security, he is the one to whom all the guards and scouts report to directly, and woe be unto any who act dishonorably under his command. Rumors state that he was once captain of a military task force, but he slew his subordinates, to a man, after they took to sporting their captives, and for that action he was banished from his homeland.


Aba likes to play Go in his spare time. Anyone who can beat him is someone that Aba will respect.


Aba teaches that although it is good to expect an opponent to be honorable, it is not the way of the world.


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