Amehd is a quiet soul, going about his work intently and unobtrusively. His slightly golden skin, a result of angelic ancestry, sets him apart somewhat, but getting him to open up about his past is quite a chore. Despite his unwillingness to talk about himself, he is an excellent listener. Amehd is usually found near horses or other beasts of burden, caring for them as a groom. His traits and abilities also translate well into his preferred role as a scout. He is rarely found in the company of many people, preferring to range far and wide atop his steed to help guide and protect those with whom he travels. Amehd rarely stays in one place too long, preferring the openness of the wilds to throngs of people.


Amehd would like a juvenile or infant of a large creature native to the area that might be suitable for riding which he can attempt to domesticate and train.


Amehd has promised to teach some of his animal handling tricks to any who help.


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