Amon is a tall Exalted, who serves as the caravan’s cook. He is able to make great meals out of the meager supplies that the caravan has brought with them, and those found in route. When he is not cooking he also serves as a skilled wagon driver. Amon’s friendly demeanor, and excellent skills serve as a bright point during the long days of travel.

Amon says he served as a cook to a drow matron, and that is where he learned his skills. He says it was often cook an well received meal for the matron, or end up dead or even worse. Amon talks about a harrowing escape into the wilds, where he learned to scavenge his meals from the strange fungi and plants that he found. Out there in the wild he found religion, and Amon is never happier then when he talks about his goddess Shelyn.


Amon is looking for someone to help him with the cooking and cleaning. It isn’t a pleasant job but Amon talks a lot while he is working, and it would be a good place to learn about cooking as well as other thing Amon knows.


Amon demonstrates that one of the most valuable skills a cook can have is to be able to read his clients.


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