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New Antir:

Free slaves
A patrol of our soldiers were ambushed and captured by duergar slavers. They are now on their way to Sverspume from Zirnakaynin to be sold at the market.

Free our captured soldiers either by infiltrating the market or sneaking into the duergar slavers’ camp outside Rochefort. You will be paid 200 gp per man you free. Free all of them and you will earn an additional 2000 gp for a total of 7000 gp (25 soldiers).
Track down alchemist
An alchemist’s apprentice has escaped with the formula of a new and very deadly poison. If this should fall in the wrong hands, it could have terrible consequences.

Track down the alchemist called Francis in Blackstrand and deliver him to the guard in New Antir alongside the formula. If you can also track down the buyers, you wil be paid an additional 3000 gp for a total of 8000 gp.
Hunt down wizard
An evil wizard called Mixatril is wanted for countless murders and New Antir’s council has put an assassination order out on him. He is known to have sought refuge in Orv in the jungle realm of Deep Tolguth.

Find Mixatril, kill him and bring back his staff as proof. Upon completion you’ll earn 10,000 gp.


Soul trade continued
After completing the first mission on soul trade, the job seems bigger than expected. This person Death Stroke is behind the offence, but a full picture of the evil guild is needed.

Travel to Haggraf and infiltrate the Souldrinkers guild. Await further instructions. After successfully completing the mission, you will be awarded 16,000 gp and receive the right to buy property in Haggraf.

Bounty board

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