Of all the common races, Dwarves alone had intelligence gathering infrastructure in the Darklands. They alone gathered hints of the forces massing in the Darklands and were able to piece together the impending demonic invasion. When demonic forces started their assault on the surface, the races of the Darklands became even more brazen in their assaults against Dwarven cities. The Dwarves soon realized that it was a matter of time before the forces in the Darklands rose to the surface. Emissaries sent to the surface races tried to warn them of it, but the chaos and losses inflicted by the demonic invasion were more than enough to occupy surface armies. Knowing themselves to be alone, the Dwarves decided to hold the line against the armies of the Darklands at any cost, and began to prepare.

Their obsessive nature led the Dwarves to prepare as if facing their annihilation—men, women, and children were mobilized against the rising dark. Training programs and smithies ran day and night to prepare for the coming war, and the Dwarves stockpiled supplies in caches secreted across the Darklands. While the population trained for war, Dwarven leaders also propagated their oral history to ensure that any survivor might be able to recreate Dwarven culture. Any Dwarf who could memorized the chants that made up Dwarven law and religion. Dwarven leaders held huge gatherings, where the stories of the Dwarven culture were told to everyone capable of hearing them and remembering.

As the news from the Darklands grew ever more dire, Dwarven leaders selected hardy, well-trained Dwarves from each city to ensure that no matter how the tide of battle turned, Dwarves and Dwarven civilization would survive. The selected Dwarves were drugged and taken by smugglers, along with those too young to fight. Some were put into magical stasis. The well-paid smugglers took their Dwarven cargo to areas too sparsely populated, remote, and poor to be of interest to demonic and Darkland armies. The transported Dwarves were left there to fend for themselves, cut off from everything they knew. Bewildered and enraged, they vowed to rebuild Dwarven civilization. Their betrayal could mean only one thing—the losses faced by the Dwarven people would be total. Grieving and utterly ruthless, the abandoned Dwarven warriors continued to train for battle with their foes while recreating the world they had left behind.

When the anticipated attack came against their cities, Dwarves fought back with everything they had, waging a short but incredibly effective campaign against the overwhelming forces of the Darklands. Dying down to the last Dwarf, they inflicted heavy casualties on the armies arrayed against them. If any had survived to tell the tale, it would surely be one of the greatest ever told. Their sacrifice ensured that the Darkland forces are not completely indomitable.

In addition to any previous racial abilities and traits:

Being the front line during the invasion of the darkland races they learned how to fight their foes, but they no longer have a home to call their own.

Dwarves get a +2 bonus on Bluff, Knowledge, Perception, Sense Motive, and Survival checks against aberrations. Likewise, she gets a +2 bonus on weapon attack and damage rolls against them. A Dwarf may make Knowledge skill checks untrained when attempting to identify these creatures. This stacks with Ranger favored Enemy.

Dwarves gain a +2 save bonus against spell-like and supernatural abilities of aberrations.

Dwarves gain a +2 in Knowledge (History) and it is always considered a class skill

Dwarves gain a +2 in Perform (Oratory)


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