The Elves stood alongside the other races when the demons invaded, and they fought as hard as anyone. They brought their powerful magics to bear and countless demons were destroyed. But when the Elves found out that the demons were not their only enemy, they saw that only defeat and annihilation lay ahead in their future. The Elves fell back as fast as they could to their central city, leaving only a rear guard to delay the enemy. Then the Elves did what no other race could do, they left.

Where the Elves went to no one knows, nor does anyone know if they are coming back. A few Elves decided to stay. Those that loved the planet more than they loved their lives, or their people remained. They stayed to combat, and repair the destruction of nature. Only those very few Elves remember what the planet used to be, and they fight with complete dedication to return nature to what it once was.

In addition to any previous racial abilities and traits:

Gain darkvision 30 ft if they don’t have better.

Almost all elves have fled the world. Those that remain are obsessed with bringing back nature.

Elves get +1 to caster level of all Plant domain abilities and spells.

Elves get +1 to caster level of all Animal domain abilities and spells.

Elves are considered one level higher for the purposes of determining the abilities and stats of animal companions for druids and rangers.

Elves gain ¼ HD to perception, Survival, and stealth for studied target and stalker.


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