Many Gnomes were killed in the initial wave of the demonic invasion. Those who survived were sure that they would not last long. Desperate, Gnome leaders united to sent a plea the First World, a place they had long since abandoned. The Gnomes begged the Eldest to save them, and the Eldest responded. The First World opened up in an impressive display of power and took in every Gnome, whether they wanted to go or not. No Gnome knows what happened to them there. For the Gnomes, no time passed between the demonic invasion and awaking in a world they did not recognize.

Fey gifts are never free. The Gnomes do not know the full cost for the Eldest’s intervention. All they know is that they have been forever changed, a piece of the First World following them everywhere they go.

In addition to any previous racial abilities and traits:

Gain darkvision 30 ft if they don’t have better.

Gnomes, in a desperate bid to save themselves allied with the First World. While they survived they were warped by their allies.

Gnomes gain Dimension Door 1/week, and Protection from Law 1/day. Their caster level for these spell like abilities are equal to their hit dice.

Gnomes have the Chaotic subtype. Any effect that depends on alignment affects gnomes as if they were of a chaotic alignment, no matter their true alignment.

Gnomes are vulnerable to weapons made of cold iron and take two extra points of damage from any cold iron weapons.

Alternate Racial Traits:

Resilience: DR 2/Cold Iron – Replaces Defensive Training and Hatred

Arcane Sight: Detect Magic at will – Replaces Keen Senses and Obsessive


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