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These are the ONLY house rules that apply in our campaign. If you are using a house rule that isn’t on the list, contact the GM. If he allows your rule, it will be added to this list.
Which means: the only rules that APPLY in-game is the ones ON THIS LIST.

1 Responsibility
Every player is responsible for knowing their own class. The same applies if you want to multiclass or play with a prestige class: it is your own responsibility to read, learn and understand it.
The game should never be slowed down because a player haven’t read enough about his or hers class or class-skills.

2 XP
There is no individual player advancement. Instead the team receives XP and gains level. When a new player/character joins the game, he starts at same level as the others.

3 Precise Point Blank Shot
The Feats Point-Blank Shot and Precise Shot are considered ONE feat. If you gain one of these feats, you gain them both.

4 Spellcasting without components
No material components necessary for spellcasting, except in cases where a specific gold value is stated. Just fire away, boys!

5 Cure Wounds heals maximum
Casting a Cure Wound spell doesn’t require die rolls, it heals for maximum HP.
Take for example Cure Light Wounds which cures 1d8 + caster level: this spell will automatically heal 8 points plus your caster level.

6 No guns
Guns aren’t allowed in game. They don’t exist. And naturally, neither does the gunslinger class.

7 Check out my load
Light, medium and heavy load in equipment isn’t that important in our game. It is up to the players themselves and the GM to decide when you are carrying too much :P

8 Initiative
Initiative is rolled between the attacking and the defending group’s members. Whichever group has the member with the highest score, that entire group gets to attack first, followed by the other group, then the first again – and so forth. (as opposed to individuals attacking one by one in highest-initiative order).

9 Critical Hit
Since our fumble/critical table doesn’t take x3 damage from criticals into account, x3 just means that you roll 2 critical hit effects instead of 1.

House Rules

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