The merchant clans of Ysoki maintained large trading enclaves on the islands, starting another prosperous trading season when the demons invaded. The attack on the islands was much smaller than that on the mainland, and casualties were light. Island residents celebrated their good fortune, but it was short-lived. One morning, the Ysoki awoke and all the other races on the islands had vanished. Ysoki trackers found tracks from island cities leading to the water, but no corpses were found, nor did anyone come back from the ocean. The sole occupants of the islands, the Ysoki found themselves in possession of the abandoned cities. Luckily, the Ysoki can breed quickly. Together with their ability to mature quickly, they repopulated the islands.

Recently, the Gillmen have arrived, looking for refuge from the Aboleth. Happy to have contact another race, the Ysoki took the Gillmen in. Together, using the abandoned infrastructure, they have built an archipelago of successful islands

In addition to any previous racial abilities and traits:

Gain darkvision 30 ft if they don’t have better.

Ratfolk gain +2 in Profession Sailor, and it is always considered a class skill

Ratfolk gain weapon proficiency in firearms, and repeating crossbows

Ratfolk may begin with metal equipment.

Alternate Racial Traits:

Cornered Fury: Ratfolk can fight viciously when cut off from friends and allies, or when protecting a downed ally. Whenever a ratfolk with this racial trait is reduced to half or fewer of his hit points, and has no conscious ally within 30 feet, he gains a +2 racial bonus on melee attack rolls and to Armor Class. If a ratfolk has an unconscious ally within 30 feet, and an enemy within 30 feet of that ally they also gain this bonus. This racial trait replaces swarming.


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