Serpentfolk Embassy

Ground-shaking tremors announce the approach of new visitors. Through the trees flashes of color peek through with greater frequency as the procession draws nearer and head of an enormous brachiosaurus, festooned with colorful silk ribbons weaves above the canopy. Atop the brachiosaur’s head sits a regal figure wearing an ornate kimono and white ivory mask.
/desc Emerging from the trees ahead of the enormous sauropod are two Oni wearing exquisite armor and carrying large naginatas. The brachiosaurus emerges completely, revealing colorful silk banners matching the serpentfolk imperial colors draped along its massive body and the howdah perched atop its back.
/desc Masked archers scan the area from within the howdah as other figures, likewise masked and garbed in silken finery emerge. A pair of these take hold of the silk banners with one hand and grasp forearms to create a makeshift living seat while a third emerges, this one wearing ceremonial armor and a gold and ivory mask with dragon horns and holding an ornate naginata. This third figure sits gracefully as the trio descend, sliding effortlessly down the silk.
/desc This process is repeated twice more as additional dignitaries are conveyed to the ground far below. The small procession approaches the settlement in a precise spearhead formation, the behorned individual at the point and the Oni moving along at each of the rear flanks. They stop at once a short distance from the settlement and the leader steps forward to be heard.

Yoshioka-San: Kokumin no koe
Of the Tsuchinoko-Mi
Peace be unto you

a flower blooming
a bud awaiting the rain
embassy comes here

Your pardon we beg
For this cultural device
Of the masks we wear

lightning flashes
listening apprehension
thunder and speech

The stork and the snake
through virtue of a dove meet
bountiful harvests

A dialogue sought
Between your people and ours
For prosperity

Our honored neighbors
This request which we present
How do you reply?

Offer: LE 35BP, Embassy agreement, Certain hexes will remain theirs, Mutual defense pact, Will help prepare 3 hexes for development, Require shrine in capital that will become temple, provide artisan labor (increasing fame maybe), Provide trade, access for their foragers to certain plants and animals, Trade magical assistance and tutelage, trade silk, trade stone, maybe trade metal?

Serpentfolk Embassy

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