The Strix were well poised for the disasters that befell the planet. Centuries of human oppression had taught them to hide and organize their tribes into flexible cells. In the absence of their human foes, they were able to quickly seize the territories that suited them. Their population quickly grew, no longer subject to genocide by humanity. The Strix had long been experts at gathering intelligence. As the demons and devils gathered up humans to experiment on them, the Strix observed and gained the secrets of Fleshwarping. Strix witches have used the knowledge to further their race through creating formidable warriors, who have been used to expand and solidify Strix holdings.

In addition to any previous racial abilities and traits:

Gain darkvision 30 ft if they don’t have better.

Strix gain a +2 to con

Strix gain +1 to caster level for any spells from the Transmutation school.

Strix may take Fleshwarping feats.

Strix have a matriarchal society. Any male strix take a -2 penalty to sense motive checks vs non Strix women, and a -4 to Strix women. Any male strix takes a -2 penalty to will saves from enchantment spells from Strix women, and -1 penalty from enchantment spells cast by non-Strix women.

Any female Strix has a -4 penalty to diplomacy and bluff checks made against non-Strix males.


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