Titles for Kingdom Size

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Table B6: Kingdom Size and Titles (Combined)
Type of Domain Typical Ruler’s Titles Honorifics

Size: 1–10
Aghalik: Agha/Aghah Agha(h) appended after name
Baronetcy: Baronet Honorable Sir/Lady
District: Aedile Distinguished Servant
Estate: Landed knight Sir/Lady
Farat: Fares/Faresah Master/Mistress
Fief: Nan Lord
Myo: Shizoku -san appended after name
Parish: Vicar Reverend appended before name

Size: 11–25
Barony: Baron/Baroness Your Lordship/Ladyship
Beylik: Bey Bey appended after name
County: Zi Master
Diocese: Bishop Most Reverend appended before name
Hakimate: Hakim/Hakimah Your Lordship/Ladyship
Myoden: Danshaku -sama appended after name
Section: Quaestor Honored Servant
Viscounty: Viscount/Viscountess Your Lordship/Ladyship

26–50 Archdiocese Archbishop Your Excellency
County Count/Countess Your Excellency
Daimyo Shishaku -dono appended after name
Division Tribune Voice of the Republic
Earldom Earl Your Honorable Lordship/Ladyship
Khedivate Khedive Your Lordship
Margravate Margrave/Margravine Your Highborn Lordship/Ladyship
Mark Gong or Bo August Master
Marquisate Marquis/Marquess Your Illustriousness
Sheikhdom Sheikh/Shaykhah Your Eminence
Satrapy Satrap Your Honorable Lordship
Pashalik Pasha (or Bashaw) Pasha (Bashaw) appended after name

51–100 Beylerbeylik Beglerbeg or Beylerbey Bey of Beys appended after name
Daimyoden Koshaku -tono appended after name
Duchy Duke/Duchess Your Grace, Your Highness
Emirate Emir/Emira Your Radiance
Khanate Ilkhan/Ilkhanum Ilkhan/Ilkhanum appended after name
Kingdom Di or Wang Sovereign
Principality Prince/Princess Your Highness
Province Praetor Servant of the Republic
Rajku Maharajkumar/-kumari Your Highness
See Censor Your Grace
Shahdom Shahzada/Shahdokht Your Grace

101–200 Khanate Khan/Khanum Khan/Khanum appended after name
Kingdom Bawang August or Magnificient Sovereign
Kingdom King/Queen Your Majesty, Your Royal Highness
Mamlaka Malik/Malikah Your Magnificence
Prelacy Prelate Your Reverence
Raj Rajah/Rani Your Royal Highness
Republic Consul or Archon Speaker for the Republic
Shahdom Shah/Shahbanu Your Majesty
Shogunate Shogun -dokoro appended after name
Sultanate Sultan/Sultana Your Honored Highness, Your Royal Highness

201+ Archprelacy Archprelate or Pontiff Your Holiness
Caliphate Caliph/Calipha Your Worship
Empire Emperor/Empress Your Imperial Majesty
Empire Huangdi or Hou Di Son/Daughter of Heaven
Empire Imperator or Tyrant Imperious Rex
Empire Tenno or Mikado Heavenly Sovereign
Empire Padishah/Padishahbanu Your Great Majesty
Khanate Khakhan/Khatan Khakhan/Khatan appended after name
Maharaj Maharaja/Maharani Your Supreme Highness

Titles for Kingdom Size

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